This project aims to design an energy efficient robot system, capable of autonomous inspection of the low-pressure gas distribution network. Also sensors for inspection and navigation inside the pipe are being developed.

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Robotics and Mechatronics

The robot is under development at the laboratory for Robotics and Mechatronics at the University of Twente where research and development in service robotics is carried out in the LEO centre for service robotics. The lab is part of the CTIT institute.

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The project is carried out at the LEO centre for service robotics. A consortium consisting of KIWA and Duch network operators (Cogas, Enexis, Liander and Endinet) has teamed up to facilitate the development. Industrialisation of the robot will be done by ALSTOM Inspection Robotics

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PIRATE in rviz

Preparations are being made for the first ‘blind’ test in a network. Visualisation of the robot data and camera feed is being done by Mark in rviz, a visualisation package for ROS. So far the results look impressive: PirateViz(1)

Open house, RaM lab

Mark did again an excellent job in showing and explaining the robots during the ‘open house‘ of the University, October 4th.  The robotics lab and the project remain very popular! (picture: Jan Broenink)